“It’s no longer radical to point out that our relationship with the natural world needs to be remapped if we want to improve both human and ecosystem health. But novel – and at times radical – legal techniques are needed to do this. At ClientEarth, we take on these challenges and can build legal architecture for a healthier planet.”

Tom West

UK Environment Lead

Tom joined our London office in January 2016 as an economics and legal advisor within the Biodiversity team.

Before joining ClientEarth, Tom completed a PhD at the University of Nottingham School of Law. His thesis analysed the various methods by which rights can be used to protect the natural world within international law. This included looking at a human right to a healthy environment, and the establishment of rights of nature. Tom has also had work published on environmental justice and climate change, and on theories of valuation within international environmental law. Previously, he studied for an MSc in Law and Environmental Science (Nottingham) and a BSc in Mathematics (Warwick).

While in Nottingham, Tom was a trustee of Ecoworks, a local community garden based charity connecting people to their land, their food, and each other.

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    Replacing the Common Agricultural Policy means the UK can spend public money on public goods like natural flood management and wildlife habitat

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    Environmental accounts tell us trees are worth 30 times more as forests than as timber. We should protect those standing, and reforest our landscape.

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    UK 25 year environment plan: what is Nature’s value?

    It is vital that the UK’s plan for protecting our environment recognises nature’s intrinsic value as well as the economic benefits it brings.

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