Yulia Stange

Senior Manager, Climate and Forests

Yulia Stange is Senior Manager of the Climate and Forests Programme at ClientEarth, based out of our London office. In this role, she coordinates and manages the work of the Climate & Forests Programme in Europe, and internationally in West and Central Africa, as well as China. The Programme works to improve forest governance, support forest legal reform, reduce global trade in illegal timber, advocate for regulations that address the overseas impact of forest-risk commodities such as palm oil, soy, cocoa and beef, and strengthen forest provisions in EU free trade agreements. Throughout, we advocate for the rights of forest-dependent peoples.

Yulia has over 12 years experience in forest and climate policy, and has a particular interest in making the law work for forests and people. Before joining ClientEarth, Yulia has previously worked with the UN Environment Programme in Kenya, the Government of Canada, and the Centre for Applied Conservation Research in Vancouver, Canada.



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