The transition towards ‘greener’ chemicals, less harmful to human health and the environment, is both complex and contentious. The law has a powerful role to play in the process; working at ClientEarth allows me to make sure that this power is harnessed in the public interest.
Apolline Roger, Lawyer, ClientEarth

Apolline Roger

Law and Policy Advisor, Chemical Project Lead

Dr. Apolline Roger joined ClientEarth in September 2017 to lead our work on the protection of health and the environment from toxic substances.

Previously Apolline worked as a researcher and teacher in EU environmental law at the University of Sheffield Law School and Edinburgh Law School. In her academic capacity she has examined many legal issues relating to chemicals and risk regulation, as well as the interactions between trade and the environment. She has provided expert advice to public authorities, including the French Ministry for the Environment and the UK House of Commons’ Environmental Audit Committee in support of its enquiry on the future of chemicals regulation post Brexit.

Apolline completed a Ph.D. at Aix-Marseille University Law School on regulatory cooperation between the EU administration and the industry in 2012.

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