Heather Kingsley

Programme Officer, Climate and Forests

Heather Kingsley returned to ClientEarth in June 2016 having spent 9 months living in Latin America, learning Spanish and teaching English.

Previously, Heather joined ClientEarth as Administration and IT Officer in July 2012, before moving to the Climate and Forests team as Programme Officer, in March 2014.

After completing a BSc in Geography at the University of Southampton, Heather spent some time in Thailand volunteering at an elephant sanctuary. Following this experience, she studied for an MSc in Conservation at University College London. Her dissertation focussed on the reintroduction of Amur Tigers to a forest in the North East of China, and involved fieldwork near the Russian border. Heather has worked in many different roles including running a ski chalet in France, and for charities such as the RSPB, Groundwork, the Multiple Sclerosis Trust, and Amnesty International. Before working for ClientEarth, she was the Grant Applications Officer for Elizabeth Finn Care, where she was the first point of contact for people in need of financial assistance.

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