My intention in studying law has always been to acquire the tools necessary to defend the causes I value, such as promoting just and transparent governance, or defending our health and environment. At ClientEarth, I am delighted to have an opportunity to put these tools into practice, while being surrounded by likeminded people.
Maximillian Kemp

Maximillian Kemp

Intern, Strategic Litigation

Maximillian Kemp joined our Strategic Litigation team in the Brussels office in August 2017.

Maximillian worked on the EMIS inquiry committee for the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament from September 2016 to April 2017, having written his LLM thesis on the legal consequences of the Dieselgate scandal. He has also worked in various NGOs in the public health sector, such as the Smoke Free Partnership or the Association of European Cancer Leagues.

Maximillian holds a double degree in English and French Laws from Essex University in partnership with Paris X Nanterre, as well as an LLM in International and European Law from Ghent University. He speaks English, French and Dutch.

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