Being a part of Human Resources department at ClientEarth, my colleagues and I are working towards keeping the organisation healthy internally. Looking after our staff, including lawyers and campaigners who fight in the front lines, and those in less visible but very essential supporting roles, gives me a feeling that my work in a way contributes to the greater cause of the organisation – to protect the health of the planet. This is a very fulfilling feeling and makes me happy to be working for such organisation as ClientEarth!

Jana Ezzaouche

Senior HR and Systems Officer

Jana Ezzaouche joined our London office in March 2015. She came to ClientEarth after working as a HR Assistant at a legal publishing company. Originally from Estonia, she has been living in the UK since 2007.

Jana graduated with a first honours degree in Classical Archaeology from King’s College London and has over 8 years of experience in office administration, including HR and project management.

Wildlife conservation is one of Jana’s areas of personal interest, and she has been supporting wild tiger and leopard conservation charities for a number of years.


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