New study shows need for London toxic air action

A University of Surrey study reported in the Times today suggests that people who drive to work in London are less exposed to certain air pollutants than commuters on buses and the Underground.

Toxic air action

Reacting to the University of Surrey report, ClientEarth CEO James Thornton said: “You shouldn’t have to brave toxic fumes every day just to get to work or school.

“Almost every day now, we see new evidence of the harm that air pollution is doing to people, particularly the young and the vulnerable. It’s time the government took decisive action. We need a network of clean air zones to keep the most polluting diesel vehicles from the most polluted parts of our towns and cities and incentives, like a targeted diesel scrappage scheme, to move people onto cleaner modes of transport ”

ClientEarth won its High Court case against the UK Government over illegal levels of air pollution across the UK in November of last year. As a result, the government must produce new plans to reduce air pollution as quickly as possible. The court gave ministers until April 24 this year to publish draft plans.

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Josh Wilburne

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