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New Bosch technology “might be too late to save diesel”

Claims from Bosch that a new technology could slash polluting NOx emissions from diesel vehicles have been treated sceptically by environmental lawyers.

ClientEarth clean air lawyer Ugo Taddei said: “Manufacturers have had the technology to dramatically bring emissions down for a long time but it has not been implemented at scale and the cars on our roads are still polluting above and beyond legal limits. This situation needs to change – for people’s health, action is needed now.

“Authorities and industry have a duty to act urgently to clean up illegal air pollution and take the millions of over-polluting vehicles off our roads. That’s why there is an end date in sight in several countries for diesel and petrol vehicles and cities across Europe are being forced to put driving restrictions in place.

“Bosch’s new technology also doesn’t address the climate impacts of combustion engine vehicles. New figures released this week show that CO2 emissions from diesel vehicles have increased, making them virtually no better than petrol cars.

“We’ve not yet seen a combustion engine that’s clean for people’s health and the environment, and the car industry has shot itself in the foot when it comes to consumer trust. For diesel, it might just be too late.”

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Garett Mizunaka