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Metro mayors call on UK government for clean air action

Metropolitan mayors across the UK have called on the government for stronger actions to clean up the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution.

Reacting to the call, ClientEarth chief executive James Thornton said: “Faced with years’ worth of sluggishness by the government, city leaders are having to push for concrete clean air policies. The market is shifting with conviction towards cleaner vehicles and we need to see a truly ambitious sunset date for internal combustion engines.

“But to make that happen faster, the UK government has to put forward policies and investment to help people and businesses now, not in 10 or 20 years’ time. Clean Air Zones will help take the dirtiest vehicles out of our towns and cities but we need to see changes to the tax regime, fiscal incentives and an industry-supported, targeted scrappage scheme to support people and businesses as they move to cleaner forms of transport.

“The government has a prime opportunity to enshrine our right to breathe clean air in law with a new Clean Air Act fit for the 21st century. Pollution in our towns and cities costs the NHS billions each year – it’s time we put resources into prevention over cure.”

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