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    UK government has “missed the point” on air pollution super-inquiry

    Environmental lawyers say the UK government has made soft commitments on MPs’ ‘super-inquiry’ into illegal levels of air pollution.

  • ‘Lightbulb moment’ as climate risk hits the mainstream for UK pensions industry

    The UK government has recommended pensions law require providers to consider climate risk in core investment decision-making, in what would be a breakthrough for the financial system.

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    Metro mayors call on UK government for clean air action

    Metropolitan mayors across the UK have called on the government for stronger actions to clean up the UK’s illegal levels of air pollution.

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    EU Withdrawal Bill risks weakening UK environmental protections

    The House of Commons has passed a government amendment about environmental principles and a new green watchdog in the EU Withdrawal Bill, which could weaken protection for the environment in this country.

  • New extreme weather research furthers case for action on CO2 emissions

    New climate research published directly links the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide – rather than mean global temperature – with the chance of more extreme weather events, furthering the case for litigation against businesses and governments shown to be ignoring climate risk in their decision-making.

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    London mayor announces expanded pollution charge zone

    London’s mayor has announced the city’s upcoming Ultra Low Emission Zone will be expanded two years after it comes into force

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    UK Government action on emissions test cheats a long time coming

    The UK Government has announced new measures to crack down on car manufacturers that cheat emissions tests. But the measures come only after the EU began legal proceedings against the government for its inaction. 

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    Heathrow expansion: ‘two major obstacles’

    Reports this morning suggest that Theresa May’s cabinet will back plans for a third runway at Heathrow today. Any plan would face two major obstacles.

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    MPs and lawyers call on government: time to crack down on corporate climate inertia

    UK financial regulators are under pressure to issue much-needed guidance on climate risk reporting.

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    UK foodservice companies urged to improve seafood sustainability sourcing

    The commercial foodservice industry in the UK has been urged to use its “massive purchasing power” to source seafood sustainably and align its standards with the rest of the industry.

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    New clean air consultation shows UK government struggling to solve air pollution crisis

    A new consultation from the UK government on measures to clean up illegal levels of air pollution in 33 Local Authorities across England have been met with bafflement by environmental lawyers.

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    New UK government air quality strategy falls short

    We’ve long been calling for a comprehensive air pollution plan for everything from cars to cows but at first glance, there seems to a transport-shaped hole in the government’s approach to the problem.

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    Wins and recognition for ClientEarth at Global Good Awards 2018

    This unique ceremony aims to recognise and reward change in all organisations working towards a more ethical and sustainable future.

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    A new nature and environment commission for the UK

    Environmental lawyers ClientEarth outline the legal powers the new green watchdog will need to uphold environmental law and build on EU enforcement mechanisms after Brexit.

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    Lords vote backs meaningful green watchdog

    An amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill that demands environmental standards are maintained and enforced after Brexit has just passed in the House of Lords.

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    No more coal, no new gas – it’s vital the UK government invests in our clean future

    Countries have crucial decisions to make about their energy mix beyond the coal era. In the UK, there is no need for new gas – so what comes next?

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    UK government’s green watchdog plans lack legal punch

    ClientEarth calls on the UK government to strengthen its plans for an environmental watchdog after consultation reveals a toothless body post-Brexit.

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    New briefing casts doubt on Aviva coal engagement strategy

    Today, the Unfriend Coal network released its report “Aviva and Coal: a very long engagement”. The briefing casts doubt on the success of the company’s engagement policy with coal companies.

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    New WHO data shows more government action needed to protect people from harmful air

    The World Health Organization (WHO) published new data that shows an alarming proportion of people in most EU countries are exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution.

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    A green watchdog with teeth

    The UK government has announced plans for a new ‘world-leading’ green watchdog. Read the ClientEarth blueprint for an effective watchdog with teeth here.

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    Welsh Government draft air pollution plans lack clarity

    Welsh Government plans to bring down illegal levels of air pollution ‘lack clarity’ and are in danger of falling short of legal requirements.

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    Global oil giants to lose value within five years – UK asset managers

    UK asset managers surveyed for Ownership Day believe oil companies will suffer as energy markets go clean.

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    Commonwealth company directors must take action on climate risk: new legal reports

    As Commonwealth leaders assemble in London, under distinct pressure to act on climate, lawyers point to existing law that commits directors to manage climate risk.

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    British public overwhelmingly support greater fisheries protections after Brexit

    More than three out of four people across the UK support a new law to ensure fish stocks are protected from overfishing after Britain leaves the EU, according to a new study.