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    How Liberian community forestry laws are empowering women

    Law and Policy Advisor Caroline Haywood examines how Liberian community forestry laws are empowering women.

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    How taking a ‘radical approach’ delivered community results in Liberia

    ClientEarth law and policy advisor Jozef Weyns recalls a story from a recent legal working group in Liberia, in which a community member used his legal prowess to ensure forest communities get what they are entitled to.

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    Knowledge of law empowers communities negotiating with timber companies

    A new guide to help forest communities in Liberia negotiate with timber companies to share the benefits from harvesting has been launched this week.

  • The laws that govern forest conversion in Liberia

    ClientEarth has created a law database of the main policies, laws and regulations governing forest conversion in Liberia.

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    What are the risks of weak forest conversion law in Liberia?

    The environmental impacts of forest conversion are devastating, but the people and communities who live in the forest are also at risk.

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    Protecting forests in Liberia

    ClientEarth started working in Liberia in 2015. We are supporting legal reform and implementation by gathering and analysing forest laws in order to make them more accessible.

  • Liberia Law Database

    This page aims to provide information to Civil Society Organisations and other actors working on natural resources and community rights related issues in Liberia. We consider this page a ‘living document’, a resource which will be continuously updated and improved upon.