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  • Strengthening laws to develop Gabon community forest management

    As Gabon revises its forest laws, ClientEarth has published two reports demonstrating how the country’s legal framework can promote community-based forest management.

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    A timeline to success: forest benefit sharing agreements in Gabon

    This timeline maps ClientEarth’s work with members of society in Gabon to secure Benefit Sharing Agreements.

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    26 forest communities in Gabon sign agreements to share revenues from forest harvesting

    As a result of these pioneering agreements, communities can use their share of revenues for local development community projects.

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    Gabon’s new Forest Code: Latest draft submitted to Prime Minister

    The latest version of the new Gabonese draft Forest Code has been officially submitted to the Prime Minister of Gabon, Daniel Ona Ondo.

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    Gabon officially recognises civil society’s “strong and meaningful” input on forest law

    Gabon has today officially approved a step-by-step guide designed to help ensure communities share in the profits from timber harvesting in their area.

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    Gabon law database

    ClientEarth has developed a database of main policies and laws applicable in Gabon concerning forest governance , natural resources and community rights.

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    Gabon resources

    This page aims to provide information to Civil Society Organizations and other actors working on natural resources and community rights related issues in Gabon.

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    Our focus country work in Gabon

    Compared to other countries in the region, deforestation rates in Gabon remain at a relatively low level. However, unsustainable commercial logging and other industrial activities threaten the environment and livelihoods of forest-dependent communities.