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  • Tractor ploughing the field

    High stakes: Why the future of the EU’s food policy must be green

    As the major job of keeping the population fed puts more and more strain on the planet that keeps us alive, EU leaders face a challenge: making sure producing food and protecting nature are part of the same project – not opposing ones.

  • Photo of Uganda

    Landslide victims take Ugandan Government to court

    In failing to act on the known landslide risk, 48 people allege the Ugandan Government has violated their rights to life, property and right to a clean and healthy environment.

  • photo of city

    Our principles for Paris-aligned business plans

    Businesses worldwide are rushing to make climate commitments, but how can we make sure they hold up in practice?

  • Fishing nets

    EU overfishing deadline: missed. What now?

    In our new update report, we have taken stock of progress so far towards ending overfishing since 2015 – and the shortcomings that the EU and UK must now urgently address.

  • Photo of shipping containers

    How trade policy can support good environmental practice

    As it designs its new trade policy, the UK government can – and should – take a more progressive approach to restricting imports for environmental reasons. Our new report shows that there are ways ahead.

  • north sea rig oil gas lights

    Court of Justice confirms Habitats Directive screening applies to temporal extensions of construction permits

    The Court of Justice rendered a judgment clarifying the obligations of Member State authorities under Article 6(3) of the Habitats Directive (92/43) in regard to temporal extensions of construction permits.

  • Webinar: “Access to Justice and the Preliminary Reference Procedure”

    This webinar focuses on the important role that the preliminary reference procedure (Article 267 TFEU) plays within the EU legal framework on access to justice.

  • Justice & Environment organizes 5th EARL Training in Hungary

    Justice & Environment organises 5th training on private nuisance and its environmental implications, public participation, and access to justice in environmental matters and local environmental protection in general.

  • UK Air Pollution Congested London Street

    UK Air Pollution: How clean is the air you breathe?

    Latest UK air pollution data reveal that 75% of reporting zones still have illegal levels of air pollution and little progress has been made. Find out how clean the air you breathe is.

  • Unprecedented: The Hungarian Constitutional Court grants a future for nature

    In a progressive decision, the Hungarian Constitutional Court has reinforced the country’s nature conservation system. The decision on the 2017 amendment of the Act XXXVII of 2009 on Forest, Forest Protection and Management, published on June 15, 2020, clearly implies that those in charge should protect the environment at the cost of short-term economic profits.

  • Parliament

    Two hundred days since Environment Bill last seen

    The UK Government has made strong statements on environmental protection but its flagship bill has disappeared from Parliament.

  • Parent and child in a field watching the sunset

    Climate change and your pension – interview with our climate finance lawyer, Kyla Taylor

    We spoke to our climate finance lawyer Kyla Taylor to find out what role pensions can play in the fight against climate change.

  • One of the Torres Strait islands, having been flooded by the rising ocean

    Torres Strait Islander group submits response in historic climate case

    Torres Strait Islander claimants have submitted an official reply to the Australian Government’s attempt to get their human rights case dismissed.

  • Woman in yellow coat next to train

    ClientEarth Summit gathers environmental thinkers – join us

    ClientEarth is bringing some of the top thinkers and doers in the environmental movement and beyond together, for an online Summit from 9 to 11 Nov 2020.

  • Fishing boat

    EU taxpayers’ money should protect fisheries, not keep unsustainable ones afloat

    EU funds that support the fishing and maritime sectors sound like a good idea. But when taxpayers’ money is used to prop up environmentally and economically unsustainable fishing, it’s time these harmful subsidies come to an end.

  • Europe Coal Plant Belchatow

    Huge coal win as judge orders Europe’s largest power plant to work with ClientEarth to close

    Today we launched a legal challenge against Europe’s largest power plant – Belchatow – and two of its mines to demand it stop burning lignite by 2035.

  • traffic at sunset

    Dieselgate, 5 years on: why the fight to know how much your car pollutes is still not over

    The 2015 Dieselgate scandal rocked the car industry, but five years after carmakers were caught cheating vehicle emissions tests, our lawyers argue that little has changed, especially in Europe.

  • photo of trees in forest

    New ClientEarth law reform guide can help strengthen forest governance

    Countries globally are revising their environmental laws to reflect the urgent need to protect forests. Our guide to legal reforms in the forest sector can help make sure these new laws hold up in practice. 

  • EU flags outside of the European Commission building in Brussels

    Key EU Commission speech: gaps between words and action

    EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s State of the Union speech today revealed a worrying discrepancy when it came to the environment.

  • sofa

    Hormone-disrupting chemicals are everywhere. Here’s what the EU should do to protect us

    Endocrine disruptors are so deeply embedded in our daily lives that no one can opt out of exposure. It’s the role of legislators to make sure that our exposure to hazardous chemicals like these is reduced.

  • Flowers in a Field

    Body of Polish case law pertaining to the nature conservation law.

    This body of case law presents the cases issued by the Polish courts in the area of nature protection, in which the collected evidence allowed punishing for environmental crimes and offences.

  • Anargyroi mine

    Fight to save German homes from coal taken to court

    Germany’s coal phase-out contains a plan to decimate further villages – their residents are fighting back.

  • Advocate General: Access to justice for the “public concerned” is not dependent on the exercise of public participation rights

    Advocate General Bobek has advised the Court to confirm that the Aarhus Convention, the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive and the Industrial Emissions Directive guarantee access to justice for the public concerned by a proposed activity, even if they did not take part in the preceding public participation procedure.

  • Sunset with wind turbines

    Lawyers call for greater ambition in European Climate Law

    ClientEarth and other environmental organisations are calling on Members of the European Parliament to support ambitious measures in new EU climate laws, including an emission reduction target of 65%.