China is dramatically increasing its efforts to tackle pollution, climate change and other environmental challenges and significant progress has already been made.  We are exploring how we can best use our experience and expertise to support and assist citizens, non-profits, the courts and the relevant governmental bodies with the implementation of China’s ambitious new environmental laws.

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    EUTR 新闻 – 2016 年 10 月至 12 月

    本期“EUTR新闻”提供了 2016 年 10 月至 12 月欧盟处理非法采伐的法律 – 欧盟木材法规 (EUTR) 的最新应用情况。与之前所有的版本一样,本期将包括与欧盟委员会和欧盟成员国正在采取哪些措施以确保正确应用 EUTR 有关的信息,并提供国际上类似立法的最新信息。

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    EUTR资讯 – 2016年7月至9月


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    Strengthening Environmental Rule of Law in China: ClientEarth welcomes Chinese Supreme Court Judges

    ClientEarth has organized a nine-person delegation of China Supreme Court judges visiting the UK and Sweden, as part of a wider series of cooperation activities to strengthen environmental rule of law in China.

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    How China is using the law to protect the environment

    Since 2015, nearly 100 environmental lawsuits have been filed by NGOs and public prosecutors as public interest law has gained a stronger grounding in China.

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