China is dramatically increasing its efforts to tackle pollution, climate change and other environmental challenges and significant progress has already been made.  We are exploring how we can best use our experience and expertise to support and assist citizens, non-profits, the courts and the relevant governmental bodies with the implementation of China’s ambitious new environmental laws.

  • Close up of orchids in China

    How China is using the law to protect the environment

    Since 2015, nearly 100 environmental lawsuits have been filed by NGOs and public prosecutors as public interest law has gained a stronger grounding in China.

  • The Great Wall of China at sunset. ClientEarth question what are Governments in Asia doing to tackle air pollution

    What are governments doing to tackle air pollution in Asia?

    What are Governments doing to address air pollution and change Asia’s fate? That was the question being considered by lawyers at the LawASIA conference last week.

  • The race for rosewood in China – and its toll on West Africa’s forests

    How China’s demand for rosewood is presenting problems for West African ecosystems.

  • James Thornton: Britain has fallen behind China on environmental law

    A gathering of environmental leaders has heard from ClientEarth CEO James Thornton that the UK has fallen behind…

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