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ClientEarth Communications

8 May 2017

Climate accountability
UK Climate Change Act

Our work on the Climate Change Act

The UK’s Climate Change Act, passed into law in 2008 with near-unanimous cross-party support, is a genuine world leader. It requires that UK greenhouse gas emissions reduce steadily but significantly to 2050 and beyond. And it helps ensure that our transition to a low-carbon economy is smooth, sustainable and cost-effective.

We work to help ensure the Act is a success.

About the Climate Change Act

Why the law isn’t working properly

Reviving the Act

Our recommendations (Chapter 6 of our “Mind the Gap” report) (October 2016)

  • An Emissions Reduction Plan that is fit for purpose
  • Wider governance renewal (“A wider reset”)

Government’s response so far

Is the Government in breach of the Climate Change Act?

A persistent “policy gap” to meeting our carbon budgets

Where the law needs to improve

Counting emissions:

Government fails to reform how we count emissions (April 2016)

Increasing ambition in the light of Paris

The impact of Brexit

Adapting to climate change in the UK