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22nd November 2016

Fisheries Policy
Fisheries Enforcement
Fisheries & Seafood

Common Fisheries Policy Resources

This briefing series explains why it is so difficult to reliably monitor whether fishing limits are being set at sustainable levels, and how this should be improved. In line with the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy, Total Allowable Catches (TACs) must be set at sustainable levels in order to restore and maintain fish stocks above biomass levels that can produce the maximum sustainable yield (MSY). These briefings systematically highlight current difficulties in demonstrating whether this requirement is being met and provides recommendations on how these difficulties should be overcome.

In particular, our briefings focus on issues related to transparency of decision-making, mismatch between TACs and scientific advice, quota top-ups in the context of the discard ban and reporting on progress towards sustainable fishing limits and fish stocks.

Assessing whether TACs are being set to achieve MSY – The difficulties and how they can be overcome

Mismatch between TACs and ICES advice – Why it is an issue and how to address it

Quota top-ups and monitoring progress of TAC decisions towards MSY – Why top-up calculations are both crucial and challenging

Reporting on progress of TAC decisions and the state of fish stocks towards MSY – Why reporting is important and how it can be improve