Join the legal fight against harmful industrial emissions

The air near this plant is unbreathable

The air irritates the eyes and throat

In this Polish town, increased incidences of cancer and very high benzene concentrations have been noted

It is caused by emissions from an outdated coking plant, according to the residents

They are demanding immediate closure of the plant

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“We fear that poor air quality is causing more cancer in the town. The air is dirty and we want it to be clean!”

Leszek Machura, local activist

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ClientEarth is supporting them

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Residents filed over 100 applications to the Regional Inspectorate for Environmental Protection (WIOŚ) in Katowice, demanding immediate closure of the coke oven furnace. The Inspectorate ordered a check on the plant…

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What is benzene?

Benzene is a petrochemical product produced by coking plants. It is one of the most dangerous industrial substances. It is highly carcinogenic.

At the plant, momentary concentrations of benzene are reaching 100 micrograms per cubic metre. According to World Health Organization (WHO), no level of benzene is safe for human health.

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“It’s hard to sit outside and talk quietly. Children cannot be taken into the yard because the air is thick with smoke. It’s hard to breathe!”

Patrycja Langner, Czerwionka-Leszczyny resident

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Together we can put a stop to harmful industrial emissions

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What can you do?

The actual scale of the problem remains unknown. No precise data on industrial emissions is available. Support our action to help us collect this data.

If your community is affected by industrial emissions and you suppose they exceed legal limits, please get in touch with ClientEarth Warsaw.


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