Join the legal fight for the Bialowieza forest

Bialowieza is one of Europe’s last great ancient forests

It’s unique

And it’s being destroyed

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It’s home to more than 150 protected birds, plants and animals.

(Like this three-toed woodpecker).

Poland’s environment minister wants to decimate this vital habitat

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With his blessing, a major increase in logging has been underway

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Scientists, academics and more than 180,000 Polish citizens are calling on the minister to protect the forest, but he isn’t listening.

The European Commission called for an immediate ban on logging in the forest.

Protect the forest

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Join the legal fight to protect your forests

In 2016, the Polish environment minister intensified logging in Europe’s oldest forest. He ignored nature laws designed to protect plants and animals. He ignored scientists who said the best way to protect the forest is to leave it alone. And he ignored the Polish people, who protested in huge numbers.

In July 2017, the Court of Justice of the EU issued an interim ban on logging in Białowieża Forest, saying all felling of trees must be stopped immediately. The ruling shows that, in the Court’s opinion, increased timber harvesting could cause serious and irreparable damage to this priceless natural environment. If the Polish authorities do not comply with this ban, the daily fines will be at least €100,000 per day.

This ban is a step in the right direction – but the safety of the forest is not yet guaranteed. We need the EU Court to issue a judgement to Poland in the long term, ending the threat to this precious forest, and for the Polish minister to respect it.

Sign up below, and we’ll let you know when and how you can do to help. This is your chance to stand up to illegal logging and make sure people and the planet are put first.



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