Thank you for not giving up on Bialowieza

Thank you for not giving up on Bialowieza

With your support, we saved this precious forest from unthinkable destruction

In 2016, the Polish environment minister intensified logging in Europe’s oldest forest. He ignored nature laws designed to protect plants and animals. He ignored scientists who said the best way to protect the forest is to leave it alone. And he ignored the Polish people, who protested in huge numbers.

In July 2017, the Court of Justice of the EU issued an interim ban on logging in the forest, showing that, in the Court’s opinion, increased timber harvesting could cause serious and irreparable damage to this priceless natural environment.

In April 2018, judges ruled that increased logging in Bialowieza Forest violates EU law.

Now, the Polish Environment Minister must quickly reverse the decisions that allowed logging. If he fails to do this, the government risks being fined millions of euros. The judgment is final and the Polish side cannot appeal it.

However, it is just on paper for now; we need to see concrete action.

On behalf of ClientEarth, thank you so much for supporting our fight to save this beautiful forest and its wildlife.

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