Image of Alan Andrews and James Thornton, Evening Standard Influential Londoners

London’s ‘most influential’ accolade for ClientEarth

Two environmental lawyers at ClientEarth have been included in this year’s list of most influential movers and shakers in London.

The full ‘Progress 1000’ hit-list was announced this evening at an event held at the Science Museum in the capital.

Both CEO James Thornton and air quality lawyer Alan Andrews were among those whom the Evening Standard’s panel of editors, critics and experts consider to be the most influential figures in London in 2016.

The tenth annual edition of the list celebrates “progress makers” – the people who are helping to shape the city for the future.

James Thornton said: “I’m immensely privileged to have been included in this year’s list along with Alan.

“It’s a recognition that air pollution and the environment has become a hot topic for Londoners. There is a  public health crisis and ClientEarth is determined to play a key part in making London and other cities much cleaner places to live and breathe. That’s why we are returning to court next month.”

Unveiling the list, which put Sadiq Khan, London’s Mayor at number 1, Evening Standard editor Sarah Sands said: “We chose the word ‘progress’ carefully. That is what London’s influential people and businesses are achieving.”

Alan Andrews added: “I’m extremely honoured to be on this year’s list. The influence which we at ClientEarth are able to bring is in using the law to improve the lives of people living in London and elsewhere in the UK.

“While I congratulate the Mayor for being named the most influential person in London, he and the UK government need to do more to tackle illegal levels of pollution in the capital.”

In April 2015, ClientEarth won its five-year legal battle when the Supreme Court in London ordered the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to come up with plans that would bring air pollution in the UK within legal levels as soon as possible.

The city’s Mayor is joining, as an interested party, ClientEarth’s latest case against the UK government  over the government’s failure to take adequate action.

The case centres on illegal levels (under EU law) of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) a harmful gas emitted mainly by diesel vehicles.

Named also on the list were Prince Charles as ‘Londoner of the Decade’ and former footballer David Beckham – UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador.

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