Hungary organises 3rd training on access to justice

The event held on the 1st of October was hosted by the Pest County Government Office, the administrative agency that includes the second instance environmental authority in Hungary.

Participants of the training were first and second instance environmental agency staff members, i.e. legal experts who have a firsthand experience in the implementation of environmental laws in Hungary.

The session was opened by Prof. Gyula Bándi, deputy Ombudsman for future generations who focused on a very recent announcement of the Ombudsman Office. Following the landmark decision of the Constitutional Court in 2019 on the role of public administration in ensuring the protection of the environment, the Ombudsman advised public authorities  to guarantee procedural safeguards in environmental processes.

Presenters included dr. Gábor Király (BCE University), dr. Sándor Fülöp (NKE University), dr. Fruzsina Bögös (Aarhus Convention Compliance Committee) and dr. Csaba Kiss (EMLA Association), and dr. Zoltán Szurovecz, department leader of the Pest County Government Office.


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Bence Balla-Schottner