What we do

In China, we helped the government write new environmental laws, we train lawyers and judges, and support local campaigners, so people can go to court to protect their environment. By working with local activists and lawyers, we strengthen environmental defences and use the law to create change.

Our forests programme has long experience in helping people who depend on forests gain a seat at the table when laws are written, and when industry negotiates logging contracts. We know this is effective from our in West Africa, and now we are beginning to support people doing similar work in Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

In Japan, Bangladesh, the Philippines and Pakistan, we will help national campaigners block new coal power being built, and make sure industry and governments focus on the climate and legal risks of coal. We will work with local activists and legal experts to help them use law to protect nature, just as we do with our existing partners around the world. Phasing out coal and conserving forests have huge health and environmental benefits locally, and are essential to fight climate change globally.

In Australia, our lawyers are supporting a group of indigenous Australians to bring a world-first complaint to the UN Human Rights Committee against the Australian Government for failing to act on climate change.

Our work in China

Environmental law has a huge role to play in cutting pollution and protecting the natural world. ClientEarth has been helping the Chinese government draft new laws, train judges and support environmental groups to bring cases against polluting companies and local authorities.