Governments must use the law to stop illegal timber trade

Illegal timber products sold in Europe are a major cause of deforestation around the world. We were proud to play a role in the creation of the EU Timber Regulation – the law to restrict the sale of these products. However, governments need to use the law effectively to combat the illegal trade, as Elisa Grabbe explains in a recent article.

ClientEarth has long been involved in the EU’s efforts to ban illegal timber. The EU Timber Regulation which aims to ban illegal timber from the EU market was agreed in 2010, but only came into force earlier this year. Work to make sure that the law is implemented effectively is essential if it is to successfully limit the trade of illegally logged timber.

Elisa Grabbe, ClientEarth lawyer, explains in her recent article for the Information Daily “Three things you should know about the EU Timber Regulation”:

“Government buying of timber makes up 19 per cent of the EU’s annual GDP, which amounted to €2,100 billion in 2009. Public authorities are major timber consumers, so working knowledge of the EU Timber Regulation – which came into force in March – is a must.

“With the EU Timber Regulation in force, public authorities need to be aware of what this means for them and how the EU Timber Regulation relates to existing procurement policies.”

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