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First newsletter on forest governance in the Republic of Congo

Civil society in the Republic of Congo has published its first newsletter promoting its work on sustainable forest governance. Enhancing the visibility of civil society’s work and its engagement with other stakeholders, including the government, donors and the private sector, the newsletter outlines its main activities and achievements on forest governance in 2016.

Since 2011, ClientEarth has been working with the Congolese civil society’s Platform for Sustainable Forest Governance to take part in forest governance legal reform processes.

This has included support in implementing the Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA), a trade agreement between the EU and the Republic of Congo that strengthens national forest governance systems and requires that timber exported to the EU has been harvested legally.

We have also helped advance the rights of local communities in the reform of forest legislation.

This newsletter showcases some of these achievements, including ClientEarth’s training for civil society on the VPA, as well as civil society’s increasing engagement with the land use planning processes.

ClientEarth has been providing technical support to the platform, helping create and facilitate its legal working group, which develops robust legal analysis of national forest legislation. This group was key to inputting into the legal reform process.

ClientEarth is now continuing to provide support to civil society to advocate for their contributions to be included in the draft Forest Code and implementing decrees, as well as to campaign for a more open and transparent legal review process.

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Kaitlyn Jameson