Elspeth Owens archive

  • Access to justice in environmental cases – will UK government do the right thing?

    Access to environmental justice in the UK is at risk. The government needs to take action to ensure bringing cases isn’t prohibitively expensive.

  • Environmental justice at risk as Westminster debates controversial bill

    Environmental justice in the UK is at a critical crossroads, as the House of Lords is currently debating the Criminal Justice and Courts Bill. Whether it complies with the Aarhus Convention – a UN convention which protects access to justice in environmental cases – is crucial.

  • Can the London Stock Exchange help stop climate change?

    Last month, the London Stock Exchange (LSE) joined the United Nations Sustainable Stock Exchanges initiative. Will it help fight climate change?

  • Can company directors insure against climate change?

    Chicago is facing a law suit for failing to protect against climate change-related flooding – what does this mean for business leaders and the insurance industry?

  • Business can’t ignore climate change risks

    The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change have released of the latest installment of their report, which shows business can no longer ignore the risks of climate change in their reporting and decision making.