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  • Air pollution vote could save thousands of lives

    Members of the European Parliament voted this week on a new air pollution law which could save thousands of lives

  • Sir Howard lands government with Herculean task over Heathrow air pollution

    Today the Airports Commission published its report, which recommends Heathrow as the preferred site for airport expansion in the UK. In doing so, the Commission has set the government a Herculean task on air pollution.

  • Clean Air: What happens next?

  • Boris’s vision for clean air in London must be rolled out nationally

    Will the Mayor’s plans give London “the sweetest and cleanest air of any European city”?

  • Polluted London Skyline

    10 things we learned from this week’s smog

    Now that the dust has settled (or more accurately, blown over to Europe), it is a good time to dispel some myths, get the facts straight and reflect on a week which has seen air pollution hit the headlines.

  • Killer smog shows need for EU action on air pollution

    Are you basking in the spring sunshine in London, Paris or Brussels? Unfortunately so is the air pollution.

  • Year of air in review – EU must react to air pollution’s devastating cost to health

    Will the EU’s Year of Air proposals finally tackle our air pollution crisis, or will it turn out to be a year of hot air?

  • Smoke and mirrors from Boris over London’s ultra low emission zone

    The idea of an ultra low emission zone, while undoubtedly a good one, is just that: an idea

  • Save the Arctic – curb air pollution

    The Arctic could be ice-free in summer within four years, but tackling air pollution could have a rapid impact and help us avoid this dangerous tipping point.

  • Is air pollution the biggest obstacle to a third runway at Heathrow?

    It is difficult to avoid the suspicion that Cameron’s cabinet reshuffle is clearing the way for a U-turn on Heathrow. Certainly that is the conclusion much of the British media has reached.

  • Black carbon in the House of Commons

    Reducing air pollution can save lives and save the Arctic. That was the message I gave to a parliamentary committee yesterday.

  • When it comes to traffic pollution, the UK is still the dirty old man of Europe

    Today the government submitted its official report to the European Commission on levels of air pollution in the UK for 2010. It makes for pretty grim reading. The report confirms that 40 of the 43 air quality zones in the UK breached the annual limits for nitrogen dioxide.

  • A ban on heavy goods vehicles in central London is long overdue

    The Guardian’s bike blog recently drew much needed attention to calls for a ban on heavy goodvehicles (HGVs) in central London.

  • Olympic hopes are in the air

    The 2012 Olympic Games will open in exactly two years’ time. London is set to put on a dazzling display, and just a couple of miles away from the Olympic stadium in Stratford, we’ll be cheering the action on from our office in Hackney.