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The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) Implementing Legislation

The EU Timber Regulation (EUTR) was adopted in 2010 and came into effect in March 2013. Each EU Member State is required to create a framework of national penalties, which will apply to infringements of the EUTR. It took over two years for all Member States to put a law in place. In some cases, this only happened after the European Commission opened infringement procedures.

We have created a map of these national laws so that those who are regulated by – and those who would like to use – the EUTR can access this information. This is a vital first step to understanding how the law operates, and engaging with it, across the EU. In addition, for a number of Member States we have produced EUTR enforcement overviews of the key elements of the law and how it is being applied nationally.

Click on the map below for links to copies of individual Member State implementing legislation for the EUTR.

The EU Timber Regulation itself, as well as the three associated official documents are listed below:

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Eric Fischer