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EU membership good for UK environment

ClientEarth has welcomed a report from MPs which says Britain’s membership of the European Union is positive for the country’s environment and natural resources.

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee released the report EU and UK Environmental Policy this morning.

CEO of environmental lawyers ClientEarth, James Thornton, described it as the “sane and sensible opinion of right thinking parliamentarians.”

He said: “This report confirms and clarifies what we have said since the start of this referendum campaign. That leaving Europe simply opens up too many uncertainties and creates too many risks.

“The report is clear that environmental laws are now better thanks to the European Union. It highlights the benefits of solving some of our environmental problems multilaterally not unilaterally. The UK’s membership of the EU has ensured that our environment is better protected and to leave the EU now would be utter folly. ”

EU helps us breathe more easily

Alan Andrews, lawyer for ClientEarth who leads on air pollution, added: “This report is an excellent analysis of just how much our environment has gained from European Union membership and just how much we stand to lose if we leave.

“This government has spent the last five years trying to wriggle out of its obligation to meet EU air quality standards and lobbying Brussels for weaker air pollution laws. Left to its own devices it would replace legally binding limits with wishy-washy targets that it could ignore at its leisure.

“In short, we will breathe more easily if we remain in the EU.”

ClientEarth gets less than 1% of its funding from the European Union.

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