Electric tram in city

EU leaders must meet public demand for cleaner transport

Germany has registered the highest growth rate globally in electric vehicles in 2017, making the country among the top international markets for electromobility.

Responding to this report, ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei said: “While an increasing number of German courts are restricting access of diesel vehicles to improve air quality in cities, a growing share of consumers are turning their back on obsolete and polluting technologies to embrace zero-emissions vehicles.

“Transition to cleaner transport is a win-win solution. This shift will not only mean people can breathe cleaner air, but will also create a host of business opportunities necessary for the car industry to finally leave dieselgate behind and get up to speed with their competitors around the world.

“Political leaders must stop the talk, listen to their citizens and start to take action, waking up to the damage diesel cars are doing to people’s health and seizing the economic and climate benefits of cleaning up urban mobility. Authorities all across Europe must come up with credible policies to take our cities beyond damaging diesel vehicles and onto cleaner transport.”

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H. Emre