EU Court rules in favour of health and environment over expert anonymity

In a landmark win for transparency in Europe, the EU Court today confirmed that the protection of health and the environment is more important than confidentiality for experts.

ClientEarth and Pesticide Action Network Europe took the European Food Safety Authority to court because it refused to publish the names of experts giving their opinion on whether chemicals are safe for use in our food. Making experts’ contributions public helps stop undue pressure from industry affecting decisions which impact on our health and the environment.

ClientEarth Lawyer Vito Buonsante said: “The chemicals used in our food have a huge effect on our health and environment. Before this case, the people making the decisions about whether these chemicals are safe were often closely linked to the companies producing them. This ruling means we know who is declaring these substances fit to use, and where their loyalties might lie. It is a victory for transparency, people and the planet.”

This judgment will have a major impact on all scientific decisions taken in the EU, and will safeguard the openness of the EU decision making process.

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