Theresa May outside Number 10 Downing St announcing General Election 2017

Environment and pollution ‘should be at heart of snap UK election’

Commenting on Theresa May’s plans for a general election on 8 June, James Thornton, CEO of environmental lawyers ClientEarth said:

“A snap election is a perfect opportunity for all parties to put the environment and pollution at the heart of this election.

“Party leaders must set out their manifesto promises to safeguard the natural world, protect our health from poor air quality and to show leadership on climate change.

“The current government has shown signs of dither and delay on everything from climate change to clean air to the natural environment.

“And there is now a big question mark over the Air Quality Plan which ministers were ordered to produce by the High Court.

“The government was ordered to start consulting on their new draft plans by next Monday, 24 April. Given the Prime Minister’s plans to go to the polls, we need to know what the plan is to ensure that our air will be made safe to breathe.

“We need guarantees from all party leaders that whoever is in power after the election will introduce a national network of clean air zones and act to keep the most polluting diesel vehicles out of our towns and cities.”

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