Country toolkits on Access to justice

ClientEarth and Justice & Environment lawyers have launched a series of legal toolkits to assist legal professionals and organisations in eight European countries take legal action to protect the environment.

Written in local language, the toolkits highlight the international and national legal frameworks, which allow members of the public to challenge violations of environmental law.

These toolkits provide a synthesis of the legal framework providing access to justice in environmental matters in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia and Poland.

They are meant to ensure that all the relevant stakeholders – judges, public authorities, public interest lawyers and NGOs – are aware of the existing legal opportunities but also obstacles and insufficiencies of the national legal framework.

Access to Justice country toolkits are part of the ATOJ-EARL (Access to Justice – Education and Awareness raising of Legal professionals) project on improving Access to justice for a greener Europe, which is led by ClientEarth and Justice and Environment with the support of the European Commission LIFE programme. The goal of this project is to raise awareness and train legal professionals on access to justice in eight European member states.

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Jeremy Thomas