Republic of Congo timber: risks of illegality

The EU Timber Regulation (‘EUTR’) prohibits the introduction of illegally harvested timber on the EU market and requires ‘operators’, those who place timber or timber products on the market for the first time, to exercise due diligence. Operators must, in particular, collect information on timber and timber products, as well as on their suppliers, in order to carry out an assessment of the risk of illegally harvested timber or timber products being placed on the market.

ClientEarth is working to inform operators and other parties involved in implementing the EUTR on some of the risks associated with timber derived from forested lands that have been converted to other uses (‘conversion timber’) in the Republic of Congo. Our focus is on the risks of illegality associated with timber harvesting, and the points at which illegality can occur during the supply chain.

To view our briefing on the risks associated with conversion timber in the Republic of Congo, please click here (fr), or here (en).

For more information on conversion timber, please click here.

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