Honduras forest workshop brings together government and indigenous people

On the 29 and 30 of October 2012, the Climate and Forest’s Latin America team held ClientEarth’s second workshop in Latin America. The two-day workshop, titled ‘Advancing stakeholder participation and building capacities for REDD+ in Honduras and Guatemala’, was held in partnership with the Central American Commission for the Environment and funded by the International Tropical Timber Organisation.

The event hosted in Tegucigalpa included participants representing government (with the participation of the Minister for the Environment and Natural Resources and the Vice-Minister for Indigenous Peoples), civil society, forest communities, indigenous peoples (with the participation of the president of the Confederation of Autochthonous Peoples of Honduras (CONPAH) and international organisations.

Daniela Rey (Project Leader, ClientEarth), Bayardo Aleman (President, CONPAH), Rigoberto Cuellar Cruz (Minister, SERNA) and
opening speech by Minister Rigoberto Cuellar Cruz

Similar to the workshop hosted in Guatemala the previous week, DAY 1 consisted of presentations by ClientEarth – introduction to our projects in the region, introduction to processes to strengthen forest governance, introduction to the REDD+ safeguards, full and effective participation and free prior and informed consent – and presentations by multiple guest speakers on their vision and analysis of forest governance in Honduras, including:

Claudia Vallejo from the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources;

Carlos Sandoval from Rainforest Alliance, representing civil society;

Mario Escobedo from the International Union for the Conservation of Nature;

Wilma Calderon from CONPAH, representing indigenous peoples;

Victoria Flores from FEPROAH, representing forest communities;

Allison Silverman from the Center for International Environmental Law.

DAY 2 was organised around working groups. Participants were divided according to their stakeholder groups and were given multiple themes, issues and questions to discuss as a group and help determine their capacity needs and their desired participatory mechanisms in relation to REDD+.

The final session of the day was a plenary where each working group presented their conclusions and findings.

ClientEarth workshop, Tegucigalpa, Honduras, 29-30 October 2012

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