Mielec, Poland

ClientEarth supports Poles in their fight against industrial emissions

ClientEarth is supporting residents of Mielec, a city in south-eastern Poland, who recently organised some of the largest ever environmental protests in the country.

The residents are actively fighting against air pollution from the city’s industrial zone.

On 25 March and 10 June , residents of Mielec organised mass rallies against the city’s industrial emissions. An estimated 15,000 people, or a quarter of the city’s population, joined the March demonstration, making it one of the largest environmental protests in the history of Poland.

Mikolaj Skrzypiec, head of local NGO, Special Ecological Zone Association (SSSE) said: “Smoke from the chimneys from Mielec’s industrial zone burns the throat, has an unpleasant smell and causes allergic reactions. We’ve had enough.”

ClientEarth’s Michal Zablocki said: “Companies cannot cut production costs by neglecting environmental standards and save money at the price of human health.

“We want factories in Poland to comply with the standards set by EU law and stop emitting harmful pollutants.”

The largest factory in Mielec industrial zone is the wood processing plant Kronospan Sp. z o.o., a Polish branch of an international wood-based products manufacturer. They have been operating in Mielec for 20 years and, according to the residents, are responsible for much of the city’s air pollution.

In December 2017, ClientEarth launched a campaign against industrial emissions in Poland.

People in Poland who want to join the campaign and share their own local stories are being encouraged to visit our English and Polish language sites.

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