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ClientEarth not linked to crowdfunding legal platform AngryMob

Recent activities by collective action platform AngryMob has led to questions as to whether ClientEarth is part of this initiative. ClientEarth is not linked to this group in any way.

In 2016, ClientEarth, along with five individuals, launched a clean air legal challenge against the Brussels regional government. The challenge calls for the authorities to produce an effective plan to clean up the city’s air as well as correctly monitor air pollution in the city.

The hearing for this case took place in November 2017. The judge overseeing the challenge requested further guidance from the Court of Justice of the European Union before making a final decision.

Air pollution across Europe is a matter of public concern. ClientEarth is therefore working to ensure citizens throughout Europe have the right to breathe clean air by holding authorities to account for their failure to address this issue as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Rowan Heuvel