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How to clean up dirty coal

Cleaning up Europe’s dirty coal addiction is no small task. There are over 250 coal power plants in Europe, and more are planned. Coal pollutes at every stage, from mining to moving it and burning to produce energy. It is disastrous for our health and for the natural world, polluting landscapes and making people who breathe the fumes or drink contaminated water ill.

But we are starting to win. Slowly, using law and campaigns and public pressure, we are seeing coal power stations close. Renewable energy is growing. And governments are finally promising to phase out filthy coal.

Coal Success 2

More than 10% of Europe's coal plants have closed in the last three years

Coal Success 3

Over 30% of coal power in Europe has closed, or announced it will close, since 2016

Coal Success 1

The UK has promised to phase out coal by 2025

Coal Success 1

The UK just went 18 days without coal power for the first time since 1882

Working with partners around Europe, ClientEarth is driving the world towards coal-free energy, and pushing governments to bring in sustainable, secure and affordable power to the public. We are doing this by challenging coal in court, promoting an efficient and flexible EU energy market, securing a strong role for people to make, use and sell their own energy, and facilitating energy sharing between European countries. We are also calling on governments to make the coal phase-out fair by ensuring there’s a fair transition plan in place to support local communities affected by the move to greener energy.

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Jem Sanchez