Clean Air Parents’ Network – Introductory Privacy Information

Who are we?

ClientEarth are headquartered in London and are a leading environmental law organisation. They are fighting climate change, protecting oceans and wildlife, supporting sustainable forestry, green energy, making business more responsible and pushing for government transparency. They work on laws throughout their lifetime, from the earliest stages to implementation, across Europe, China and beyond.

The British Lung Foundation (BLF) are headquartered in London and promote lung health and support those affected by lung disease. The BLF campaign for improvements in all areas of lung health. The BLF also campaign to raise public awareness of lung disease and the impact it has on so many lives through poster campaigns and events.

ClientEarth and the BLF are data controllers. Please follow this link for further information.

What is the purpose of the campaign?

ClientEarth and the BLF are working together on a joint project to combat air pollution. This project will see the formation of ClientEarth and the BLF ‘Clean Air Parents’ Network’ where parents in key cities will come together to take ambitious actions to combat air pollution.

What information are ClientEarth and the BLF collecting?

ClientEarth and the BLF need your support. In this regard, ClientEarth will collect your personal information, such as email address, postcode, post code, confirmation whether you are a parent or legal guardian of a child, your personal interest in the Clean Air Parents’ Network Project and other information via their webpage. ClientEarth will then provide the BLF access to your personal data to further the aim of the project. Please follow this link for further information.


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