Brussels: New figures reveal lack of clean air progress

As ClientEarth awaits a judgment on the poor measurement of levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) by the Brussels authorities, new figures show that little progress was made in reducing air pollution in Europe’s capital last year.

A troubling four of the eight active measurement stations in Brussels showed increases in levels of NOover the previous year. Two showed no change on the year before and two a slight decrease.

Lack of progress on clean air

With NO2 at illegal levels in Brussels, this is a worrying lack of progress. On top of this, the Brussels authorities have said they won’t be using data from the two monitoring stations which consistently reported the highest levels of NO2.

The gas, which can have a serious effect on our health and in towns and cities comes mostly from diesel vehicles, is the subject of a case by a number of Brussels residents and ClientEarth against the Brussels government.

The legal case calls for air pollution to be measured where there is the highest public exposure, as the law requires, and for the authorities to develop a plan which would reduce the illegal levels of air pollution in Brussels as soon as possible.

An initial judgment on the measurement element of the case is expected on Monday Febraury 13.


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Kevin Young