Brussels 2030 diesel ban not ambitious enough

Brussels Environment Minister, Céline Fremault, has today announced the city will ban all diesel vehicles by 2030. She also suggested banning all internal combustion engine vehicles by the same date.

Reacting to the announcement, ClientEarth lawyer Ugo Taddei said: “The Minister’s proposal is a positive sign, but it’s simply not ambitious enough. Cities such as Paris or Rome have announced diesel bans by 2024 – there is no reason why Brussels cannot do the same.

“We need ambitious action, but we need it now. The Low Emissions Zone in Brussels will only ban all pre-Euro 6 diesel vehicles in 2025. This new complete diesel ban by 2030 announced by Ms Fremault will do nothing to improve the polluted air people in Brussels breathe every day and achieve compliance with legal standards as soon as possible.

“As the capital of Europe, Brussels should be setting the example, not dragging its heels as the rest of Europe takes strides to tackle this air pollution crisis.”

Brussels resident and a claimant in ClientEarth’s legal action to fight illegal air pollution in Brussels, Karin De Schepper said: “For too long the evidence has been there that diesel vehicles pollute the air and harm people’s health. There are simply too many schools and vulnerable groups close to busy roads to wait so long. We desperately need the government to take more action so parents can finally sleep easy knowing their children are breathing cleaner air.”

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