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  • Dominic Phinn - Business Engagement Co-ordinator working with businesses to tackle UK air pollution

    How we work with businesses to tackle air pollution – Interview with Dominic Phinn

    We sat down with Dominic Phinn, our Business Engagement Co-ordinator for Clean Air, to find out more about our work with UK businesses to tackle air pollution.

  • yellow bulb against blue sky

    Does Europe have a coal problem?

    Why is everyone so worried about coal, and is there a clean alternative? Europe has over 250 coal power stations, and is building more. Read on to find out why this is bad for the planet, and how we can stop dirty coal.

  • ClientEarth lawyer Domnique Doyle in London Fields

    Coal in Europe – five minutes with an environmental lawyer

    We sat down with ClientEarth lawyer Dominique Doyle to find out why coal is key in the fight to protect the planet.

  • COP21: 10 reasons governments must turn Paris pledges into national law

  • Marshall Islander’s climate change speech moves UN to tears

    Watch what happened when Marshall Islander Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner talked to the UN about climate change.

  • What is the porpoise of environmental lawyers?

    Harbour porpoises living in UK waters are under threat – how can environmental lawyers help?

  • James Thornton on clean air, healthy seas and Coldplay

    Our founder and CEO, James Thornton, talks to the Law Society Gazette about how Zen Buddhism informs his work and being raided by the Polish police.

  • What does illegal logging tell us about illegal fishing?

    The links between illegal fishing and illegal logging dissected by a World Bank expert

  • Energy revolution on your doorstep

    How do you put people at the centre of a renewable energy revolution?

  • The Story of Solutions – video

    Everyone knows over-consumption is killing the planet, but what can we do about it?

  • Sowing seeds to save the bees

    Now is the perfect time to sow seeds which help protect bees

  • Energy savings directive decoded – free webinars for government and business

    Energy savings law can help Europe stay warm and save cash – three webinars to help you learn more.

  • Biomess – bioenergy expert Giuseppe talks to Climate Radio

    Bioenergy expert Giuseppe talks to Climate Radio about biomass and ClientEarth’s recent case against the Commission.

  • ClientEarth and Birdlife sue Commission over biomass review

    ClientEarth and Birdlife have today sued the European Commission over failure to publish its examination of controversial biomass emissions.

  • EC biofuels emission proposals can’t ignore science

    Biofuels emission proposals no longer include accounting for greenhouse gases; our bioenergy expert, Giuseppe Nastasi, analyses some of the primary changes in the legislation.

  • Air pollution costs France €5bn and 3,000 deaths a year

    Cutting air pollution in French cities could save up to five billion euros a year and prevent almost 3,000 deaths annually, according to a study released this week by the French Institute for Public Health (InVS).