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  • Fishing nets

    EU overfishing deadline: missed. What now?

    In our new update report, we have taken stock of progress so far towards ending overfishing since 2015 – and the shortcomings that the EU and UK must now urgently address.

  • boat in the sunset

    No time for further delays in meeting 2020 sustainability deadline

    In less than a week, fisheries ministers from across the European Union will head to Brussels to set next year’s catch limits for fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic and North Sea.

  • Don’t forget about fish on Endangered Species Day

    Endangered Species Day should be about all endangered species, not just the more popular ones. So let’s talk about fish.

  • Changing gear – new solutions to the discard ban

    Slipping through the net: how new innovations in selective fishing gear can make the EU landing obligation work for fish and fishers.

  • Exemptions – the ‘catch’ behind the discard ban

    Exemptions from the EU discard ban mean fishermen can continue to throw certain fish back. But we believe some exemptions should not have been approved – and here’s why.

  • Fishing limits: when politics and science don’t match up

    ClientEarth’s fisheries team has embarked on an important but challenging journey: assessing if the fishing limits for the North East Atlantic Ocean in 2016 stick to what EU scientists have advised as sustainable.