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  • Marita - a villager taking on lignite mining in Germany

    #HomesNotCoal – how villagers are using the law to take on lignite mining in Germany

    Germany now has a date for its coal phase out – but for the villagers still threatened by rampant mining, it might take a legal battle to save their homes.

  • coal plant in Germany by mine

    Germany – where coal still comes first

    It’s home to 69 huge coal plants, with another in the making. Hundreds of square kilometres of mines occupy the land, still expanding as coal companies continue to feed giant power plants.

  • Ten ways to protect the environment in 2016

    After the Road to Paris, the road ahead: here’s how ClientEarth’s putting the law to work for people and planet this year.

  • Five wins for wildlife we want to see in 2016

    It’s going to be a big year for the laws that protect Europe’s nature. So what do we want to see happen for EU wildlife in 2016?

  • UK defies its own evidence on nature protection laws

    Why is the UK ignoring its own evidence and not standing up for EU nature laws? Read our opinion piece on EurActiv.

  • Ecosystem services: the value of conservation laws

    As the public consultation for the Birds and Habitats Directives draws to a close, we take a look at ecosystem services – the work the earth does on our behalf – and how they’re valued.

  • Soaring Eurasian Crane population is a win for EU conservation

    The Birds and Habitats Directives, two central EU conservation laws, are being reviewed for efficiency. The outcome may mean a reduction in their power and effectiveness, threatening the status of species they were put in place to protect. The public consultation, closing on 24 July, is your chance to vote to save these directives in their current form.

  • European bison thrive with support of wildlife laws: now they need your help!

    The Nature Directives protect vulnerable, indigenous European species, from bears and bison to seals and terns. They are the EU’s most effective conservation laws. Currently being reviewed, their power to protect these animals could be under threat.