Dr. Emmanuel Ugirashebuja is the immediate past President of the East African Court of Justice which is an international court which applies international law in resolution of disputes brought to it including environmental law issues. He is a Dean Emeritus of the National University of Rwanda, Faculty of Law and has given lecturers on diverse subjects of environmental law and international law to various well-renowned Universities. He was educated and has practiced in the major legal systems, namely, common law and civil law systems.

In addition, he has been bestowed confidence by his peers by being elected to different judicial and legal bodies, notably; the Global Judicial Institute on the Environment, supported by the UNEP and IUCN; He is also a member of the Governing Board of the International Association of Law Schools.

Dr. Ugirashebuja has built experience of a far wider range, from being an international judge, scholar, practitioner and consultant in environmental law.