Zuzanna joined ClientEarth in April 2021. As the Head of the Polish Foundation she is providing leadership in developing and delivering ClientEarth’s work in Poland. Zuzanna was named by Newsweek Poland among the "100 most influential Poles" of the year 2021.


She is a human rights lawyer. In 2020/21 she was a civil society candidate for the office of Commissioner for Human Rights, supported by over 1,200 non-governmental organizations. Between 2015-2021 she led strategic litigation in the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights. She litigated several groundbreaking cases regarding discrimination and freedom of expression. She was also engaged in human rights advocacy before the United Nations and the Council of Europe. She is an Alumna of Marshall Memorial Fellowship (2019), Leaders Europe: Obama Foundation Fellowship (2020) and Leadership Academy for Poland (2017).


Zuzanna holds a law degree from University of Warsaw (Master of Law) and a Diploma in Legal Studies from Cardiff Law School. She also completed studies on Faculty of Applied Social Sciences and Resocialization at the University of Warsaw. She is a member of the District Legal Advisors Council.