Liesbet Nysen joined ClientEarth in September 2019.

Liesbet gained professional experience as a lawyer at the Brussels Bar (until 2013), where she was practicing commercial litigation and mediation. She subsequently worked as an in house lawyer for an international group operating in the aviation industry, where she was advising on legal and contract matters and managing various risk and compliance related matters.

At ClientEarth, Liesbet’s work relates to optimising the approach to contractual partnerships, as well as managing risk and compliance matters associated with ClientEarth’s unique way of working.

Liesbet holds a law degree with honours from the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, where she has also been an assistant at the Institute for Civil Procedure.

Contributing to a sustainable future amidst professional and passionate colleagues at ClientEarth is a true motivation. ClientEarth reminds me that an effective use of the law can make a difference.