Lara leads ClientEarth’s work on agriculture, shaping the team advocacy and litigation strategies. She mainly focuses on the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), advocating for a new subsidy system that rewards farmers to transition towards environmental positive farming practices.

She oversees the work on sustainable food system and soil protection and supports the team in bringing legal challenges aimed at better implementation and enforcement of environmental laws tackling pollution from agricultural sources.


Before joining ClientEarth Lara was an intern at the Centre for International Environmental Law in Geneva and worked for the International Training Centre of the UN International Labour Organisation. In ClientEarth, she first worked as a lawyer within the Chemicals team and then she contributed to the development of the agriculture team, which she leads since November 2020.


Lara holds a PhD in EU Food Law from the University of Ferrara (Italy) and has carried out research in several countries, including The Netherlands, France, and Switzerland. She has researched in a variety of legal and multidisciplinary domains, from sustainable food systems, to governance studies and indigenous law.

I have always wanted a job that could challenge my legal knowledge while allowing me to contribute to the common good. ClientEarth is a brilliant combination of both and gives me the chance to use the power of law to help to shape a safer environment.

Lara is working on