Jamie Sawyer joined our Climate Finance team in March 2020.  Her work focuses on developing and implementing legal strategies to reduce the climate impact of and improving climate risk management in the banking sector.  Jamie also works on greening central bank policy and the financial response to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Prior to joining ClientEarth, Jamie worked in the financial litigation practice of Simmons & Simmons in London, with a focus on banking disputes and regulatory investigations.  She has also previously volunteered with environmental law and advocacy groups in the UK and North America.


Jamie holds a Master of Arts in Law from the University of Cambridge and a Masters in Environmental Science and Law from the University of Sydney.  She holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Legal Practice and is qualified as a solicitor in England and Wales.

We urgently need to decarbonise our economies if we are to save the world from climate breakdown, and the financial sector has a huge part to play in making that happen.  It is a privilege to work at ClientEarth, using the law to help accelerate the transition to a net zero future.

Jamie is working on