Climate & Forests
Forests are vital to our planet. They support an immense proportion of the earth’s biological diversity, and play an important role in addressing climate change by absorbing and storing large quantities of carbon dioxide. Well-managed forests also help with reliable water flow, clean air, soil stabilisation and nutrient recycling. The improved use and management of forests can contribute to a reduction in inequality and to tackling poverty, particularly for forest dependent communities.

ClientEarth’s Climate & Forests programme is built on our core expertise as lawyers. We work to influence the development, implementation and enforcement of legal frameworks and policies. We seek to improve the operation and effectiveness of law in the EU and in non-EU focus countries with a view to minimising the impacts of agriculture, extractive industries and illegal logging on forests. We focus both on the substance and procedure of laws so that they become effective and equitable mechanisms to protect forests.

Climate & Forests in detail: