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France must act on toxic air

3rd August 2015 We have written to the French government demanding urgent action to clean up toxic air pollution in the country.

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EU Court rules in favour of health and environment over expert anonymity

16 July 2015: Names of experts giving opinions on the safety of chemicals in food must be revealed according to an EU Court ruling.
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Four ways to improve governance and fight climate change

14 July 2015: Governance is one of the most contentious issues in Europe’s climate and energy policy debate, but there are four key ways it can help fight climate change.
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Policymakers miss chance to improve law that threatens people and planet

16 June 2015: Today, MEPs in the European Parliament voted on the final form of the Trade Secrets Directive.
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EU Court rules information on environmental law breaches should be public

16 July 2015 EU citizens now have the right to access environmental information like the quality of drinking water after an EU court ruling.
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London’s shocking air pollution death toll revealed

15 July 2015: New figures pile more pressure on the UK government to clean up the capital's toxic air.
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Heathrow third runway clashes with pollution court order

1 July 2015: Obey supreme court on air pollution AND build a third runway at Heathrow? It would be a Herculean task, says lawyer Alan Andrews. 
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EU Timber Regulation - what's the latest news?

3 June 2015: The latest information on implementing and enforcing the EU's anti-illegal logging law
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