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Investors who ignore climate risk could be sued

10 February 2016 | Asset managers and pension trustees who ignore the risks of climate change on the value of their stock may run the risk of legal action.

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Was the world serious about its Paris promises? New report says success depends on law

5 February 2016 | In December, each country made commitments in Paris, detailing how they will act on climate in the coming years, and setting targets within their individual reach to achieve
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European Parliament lets car industry off the hook 

3 February 2016 | Today the European Parliament voted to allow emissions limits for diesel vehicles up to 50% above the current legal levels.
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UK power stations on potentially illegal permits

3 February 2016 | The UK government could have overstepped its powers and left power stations operating on illegal grants
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Commission ignores EU Court order to define toxics and protect people before business

10 February 2016 | The EU has avoided difficult decisions and delayed life-saving laws because it is not accountable to its citizens.

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Fossil fuel companies must reveal long-term risks

3 February 2016 | Investors write to regulator over fossil fuel company reporting
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MEPs give overwhelming support to Europe's nature laws

3 February 2016 | Majority vote from European Parliament makes views on Nature Directives clear
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Investors call for mining giant climate risk transparency

1 February 2016 | Major investors ask three mining companies to be more transparent with regard to climate risk and opportunity 
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