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Illegal logging threatens Poland’s Białowieża Forest

24 March 2016 | The Polish government says more logging is the only way to protect ancient Białowieża Forest, but scientists disagree.
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New report: tackle diesel for clean air

23 March 2016 | A new report highlights the role of diesel in dirty air and urges the next London Mayor to act.
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Trade secrets law shows EU sacrifices democracy for business

22 March 2016 | The new Trade Secrets Directive shows the EU favours economic growth and competitiveness over democracy.

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Two out of three parents worry about children breathing London’s dirty air

21 March 2016 | Over two thirds of London’s parents are worried about the air their children breathe, according to a survey carried out for ClientEarth.
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Harbour porpoises underprotected as Scottish ministers ignore advice on conservation areas

23 March 2016 | The Scottish Government today proposed one conservation site for harbour porpoises, instead of the four recommended.
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Three in four Londoners say Mayor has moral responsibility to clean up London’s air

22 March 2016 | Londoners have sent a clear message to whoever’s the next Mayor that they expect them to clean up London’s dirty air, according to a survey carried out for ClientEarth.
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birds fly out of forest

Let's celebrate our forests by using law to protect them

21 March 2016 | On the International Day of Forests, the best way to protect them is using our laws to their full potential.

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royal courts of justice

ClientEarth takes government back to court over killer air pollution

18 March 2016 | ClientEarth has launched a new legal challenge against the UK government due to its repeated failure to tackle illegal air pollution.

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