ClientEarth: The Infrastructure Bill and the Climate Change Act – A bump in the road, not a U-turn #ce 7 hours ago from Hootsuite

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  • Dispatches on diesel air pollution

    26 January 2015: Tonight, ClientEarth lawyer Alan Andrews appears on Channel 4’s news programme Dispatches.

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  • Looking forward in 2015 – Protecting the planet's species

    21 January 2015: We believe in protecting the variety of life on earth.

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  • Investors challenge BP and Shell to face climate change risk

    21 January 2015: We're working with shareholders.

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  • Looking forward - ClientEarth in Africa in 2015

    20 January 2015: We're working for the rights of forest communities.

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  • The UK’s Infrastructure Bill needn’t conflict with climate change commitments

    13 January 2014: We believe new laws shouldn’t undermine climate change commitments.

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  • European court hearing on access to information    

    13 January 2014: Citizens have the right to know whether or not states comply with environmental law.

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  • Looking forward in 2015 – Supreme Court must order government to clean up air pollution   

    13 January 2015: In 2015, our case returns for its final ruling.

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  • ClientEarth in Africa 2014

    15 December 2014: Find out about what we've been up to in 2014.

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  • EU vote threatens the oceans

    3 December 2014: Sustainable fish stocks mean more fish for everyone.

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